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We provide a complete guide for moving to Dubai. Moving to a new country is exciting and daunting at the same time since the majority of expats take this step with no proper or practical knowledge of how things go locally. In conclusion, Dubai is recognized as the most coveted destination in the entire Middle East for tourists from all over the world. And Whether you are visiting Dubai for business or pleasure, everyone just aspires to have a taste of the so-called ”Dubai Experience” have a look and join WhatsApp Group.

It is worth noting that over 80% of Dubai’s residents are expats living and working in the city. That came to the city with no proper information about what needs to be done. Over 70% of jobs in Dubai hunters use WhatsApp. Which is why it is better to do before planning beforehand to move to Dubai. To know all the required and needed information about how things are done and the best ways to do them. Here we present you with a complete guide for moving to Dubai.

moving to Dubai

moving to Dubai

Working visas
To set up a work visa, you’ll need sponsorship and this usually comes from your employer. The paperwork is exhaustive, so it’s a good idea to start to get things in order as early as possible, even if the application is starting before the arrival. You’ll need passport-size photos, and lots of them.
Depending on your age, profession, marital status and level of qualifications, you’ll need to have your paperwork get checked. This includes birth certificates and marriage certificates. You’ll need to have verified photocopies made by a lawyer, which will then need to be verified by the UAE government. This can be done at a ‘legalisation centre’ in Dubai, or at the UAE embassy in Canberra. There is a fee for this which is about $100.

Have a valid passport
It goes without saying really, but just because you’re only a notch from the big city, it doesn’t mean you can turn up without valid documents.
If you’re bit worried your passport is due to run out, don’t leave it until the last minute, head over to the your country’s passport authority for all the details you’ll need about renewing – or applying for – a passport.

Set up your finances
Opening a bank account in Dubai is pretty simple. There are over 45 UAE-based commercial banks to choose from. There are also a number of bank branches from regions like London, Germany and China.

You, as a traveller, should be a resident to open a checking account, but some banks allow non-UAE residents to open a savings account. All you have to do is bringing copies of your passport, any residency or work permits. If you already have an employer, a letter confirming your salary.

Speaking with others
Expats from around 85% of Dubai’s population. You can find a lot of people living there who speak Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Tagalog, Arabic, Chinese, Malayalam, Persian in addition to many other languages. And even though Arabic is the official language of the UAE, English is the most spoken language in Dubai.

There are four types of Arabic spoken in Dubai. And they are Maghrebi Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Gulf Arabic and Levantine Arabic. However, given these points, the most popular Arabic spoken in Dubai that is understood by all Arabic speakers there is Modern Standard Arabic. Whether you fancy speaking in Arabic or English, it is better to say that expats living and currently working in Dubai or planning and looking for the city’s Jobs will not experience any difficulties communicating with the locals or with each other.

Health and Medicine
Dubai is very cosmopolitan in many ways, and you’ll find there are a set of medications you can get freely choose from and get easily over-the-counter that you’d need a doctor’s prescription from at home. However, there are a number of medications that are totally banned, this means you can’t even bring them in to the country.

This does include some poignant painkillers such as codeine. If you take any sort of medicine on regular basis, you’re advised to bring a six-month supply, in addition to a signed letter from your doctor to explain the dosage. This is exactly why you are taking the medication. Get some copies of this letter and keep only one copy with you when you are travelling.

Get nice accommodation in Dubai
It can be daunting to find apartments for rent in Dubai and a nice place to live when moving to a new country. Many employers in Dubai will provide accommodation or have extra living expenses built into contracts for their new applicants.

It’s also somehow familiar to purchase a house instead of renting. If you’re going to rent, many apartments or condos will likely come furnished. You could also find a place without furniture. Most landlords will require you to pay either six months for a full year of rent upfront. So get prepared for that large transaction ahead of you.

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