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Dubai is a place that has been dominating the tourist’s picks from years. People love Dubai for all the possible reasons and as the love, Dubai is getting more attractive with every new creation and invention. There has been new malls and buildings that’s built in Dubai for attracting hundreds and thousands of tourists. It is apparently the most liked places in the entire world. There are thousands of tourists who visit this place every year.
But following are some of the reasons as to why we love Dubai the most?


 Abra ride for a whole new experience
Dubai is a place in which you can try out many new things for a whole new experience. Abra is nothing but an old fashioned boat that will take you to the places across the old Dubai. You could enjoy the breathtaking view of the gold souk or you could stop by on the way and binge on some snacks or food.
Ski Dubai
This is the place for the snow lovers. There is artificial snow that is maintained with the artificial temperature and thus the snow is maintained. You can get in with the boots and the costumes and play while making the snow man.
Watch a movie on the beach
have you ever done this? watching a movie while you are at the beach amid the shores, sand and tides? This could be wonderful if you are with your dear and loved one.
For doing all of these, you need to have the Dubai visa at first. You can apply for it by submitting an application that you get from the online resources. You can easily get the visa in a few days. You can apply it through the agency.

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